WooCommerce Hosting

I am excited to start talking about the release of WooCommerce hosting on Bluehost. It’s a product I have a lot of ideas around and I think the market as a whole is going to gravitate towards more purpose driven services like this. In all honesty, the product has been live on the site for months but we have not actually helped people find it. (which is rather dumb of us I might add)

So whats different from WordPress hosting?

The main difference from regular WordPress hosting is that you also get WooCommerce automatically installed and receive a free dedicated IP and SSL certificate.

The goal is to provide users with a platform that they can quickly start selling products with WordPress. If you have ever tried to setup a WooCommerce store or any other eCommerce store online you know that it can take time to just configure everything and thats a huge value that I feel this product brings to the market. It simply saves you time and effort. Also, it really is a no brainer to offer this and to be honest I love WordPress so why not build another package around it.

WooCommerce Market Share
eCommerce market overview from aheadworks.com


eCommerce Market share
eCommerce market overview from builtwith.com

Only time will tell how the market responds to a hosted WooCommerce product but I am feeling optimistic. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on the direction. WooCommerce Hosting by Bluehost.